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GRÜN LogiMore

GRÜN LogiMore

GRÜN LogiMore is software and hardware manufacturers and
supplies innovative solutions, particularly for the picking in warehouse logistics.

Warehouse Logistics: software and hardware

GRÜN Identisys GmbH, being a subsidiary company of GRÜN Software AG, is a medium-sized software and hardware manufacturer in the field of identification systems. Our Warehouse logistics solution “GRÜN LogiMore” is used primarily in the area of intralogistics and order picking. Our mobile terminals for data acquisition, together with our software solutions, provide an opportunity for a substantial efficiency improvement in warehouse logistics and furthermore have unique selling propositions in the market.

At GRÜN Identisys, more than 20 years of accumulative work and knowledge of auto-ID and warehouse logistics have been developed into innovative medium-sized software and hardware solutions. For this reason, this GRÜN Group subsidiary fits in perfectly with the strategy to create a stronger group of companies for IT solutions with its own creation of value in the development process. Special knowledge in IT is trump for the future.

Our engineers, developers and technicians have been well-versed in intralogistics for more than 2 decades and will gladly consult you in using software to optimize your warehousing processes.

GRÜN LogiMore Software Solution for Order Picking

Our GRÜN LogiMore software system makes substantial improvements in efficiency and high reliability in order picking available for you. The system supports path-optimized order picking of multiple orders in one warehouse cycle (Multi-Order-Picking). The software operates as middleware and is an intelligent link between your ERP software and the mobile terminals in the warehouse.

Hardware for Mobile Data Acquisition

Our mobile data acquisition units have significant unique selling propositions. Armscanner GRÜN mLogiMore is the only mobile hands-free terminal on the market that doesn’t affect the natural movement of the user and yet enables wireless LAN, bar code, matrix code and input via keyboard on a touch screen, all in one unit.

The unit has been fully developed by us and is even manufactured in Germany. Our units have excellent build quality, future-compliance and are the result of many years of work of our engineers and electricians.

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