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Time management

Time management

With ZICOM5 time models are collected and processed,
personnel and plan to attend and booking information of all employees.

Software for time management

In the world of global competitiveness with an ever-increasing flexibility of working hours it is becoming more and more important to manage valuable labor professionally, effectively and cost-efficiently. Offering flexible time models which dynamically adapt to the actual work load leads to increased employee motivation and at the same time helps the company to optimize payroll costs.

With our software for time management we assist you in work-force management from freely-definable work time models, registration of working hours along with absence management and project hours and production data acquisition (PDA), to access control management.

The software not only assists your HR department, but by using the web-based module GRÜN eZICOM, also assists managers with personnel and every individual employee. The optimum support for workflows with supervisors as well as the management of individual working hours for each employee via the Internet or smartphone app increases the efficiency, satisfaction and motivation of everyone involved.

Software Time Registration: GRÜN ZICOM5

The professional Time Management System for Booking, Scheduling and Processing of Work Hours.

GRÜN ZICOM5 is a software solution for time registration. With ZICOM5 working time models with personnel, scheduling, plan attendance and booking data for all employees are registered and processed. The extreme flexibility of the system makes it possible, through customizing and parameterization, to cover almost every requirement based on the standard – whether it be the German Civil Service Pay Scale (TVöD) or flexible pay scale, 24-hour operation or shift operation, or even special arrangements for special days and holidays.

Extreme flexibility also continues on in the day-to-day use of GRÜN ZICOM5 – on the staff level any desired allowance, overtime or absence accounts can be managed. Likewise, the scheduling assistant allows for the graphic scheduling, for example, of vacation time absences of several employees. The scope of capabilities is rounded off by approximately 100 analysis evaluations and the integrated Print Manager.

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