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Online donations

More donations! Less work: with the GRÜN spendino donation forms and online fundraising tools, you can offer your donors the most convenient and easiest way to donate online: no unnecessary clicking, no forwarding to other websites, the whole donation process in just a few steps.

The phrase online fundraising covers everything non-profit organizations, political parties and associations do with the aim of collecting donations online through donation forms. Fundraising tools are especially good for reaching donors under the age of 55. The advantages of fundraising are the now widespread use of the Internet, and the resulting ability to access almost all demographics. Moreover, online donations made via forms are on average higher than other donations. See for yourself and test our online donation form for free.

Software for charities

GRÜN spendino is a Smart Enterprise of GRÜN Software AG and a leading technology company in the field of digital donor communication. As a service company for the non-profit sector, GRÜN spendino enables the processing ofonline donations through donation forms, SMS donation and online fundraising tools and is positioned as a neutral partner for non-profit organizations and charities. Combined with online fundraising solutions and tools for the social web, spendino offers an innovative fundraising toolkit.

Whether on the Internet with online donations, via smartphone or SMS donations, GRÜN spendino is the right partner when it comes to digital fundraising and donation forms .
Collect online donations

With the Internet, you can reach people anywhere and at any time. Smaller organizations and associations can utilize it to raise online awareness of their fund-raising efforts and to win future donors through targeted donation campaigns.

Donations should be collected as soon as possible before today’s hectic world intervenes and the intention is forgotten. For that reason, the right donation software and the right donation form can be very helpful in supporting organizations and associations with the technical aspects of online donations. With GRÜN spendino we offer organizations and associations the perfect tools for fundraising.

Fundraising for your projects

Just at the moment when a major project runs out of money, the GRÜN spendino fundraising tool can help you implement your fundraising campaigns. That way you can concentrate on the actual project and your campaign, without having to schedule in a lot of extra time for the technical implementation of your donation appeal. Our fundraising tool is the ideal partner to help you collect donated money online quickly, easily and simply.

Make the most of the huge audience the Internet offers you almost for free to attract people to your cause. This way, even projects that currently seem almost impossible could become reality. Give people the opportunity to trust you and your association or organization and fill out the appropriate donation form. You might just be pleasantly surprised when you see the fundraising tool’s effect on the capital you have available for smaller or medium-sized projects. Our clear donor administration tool shows you all your donors at a glance.