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Membership Management

Membership Management

The solution for membership organizations assists associations
and clubs with complete membership management.

GRÜN VEWA7 for Membership Organizations

As an organization you not only represent the interests of your members, but also offer them many advantages. Securing the commitment of your existing members as well as winning over new members is firmly anchored in your strategic goals. Through our holistic approach, our industry software GRÜN VEWA7 for membership organizations can help you attain these goals – also noticeably easing day-to-day management processes.

The solution for membership organizations assists associations and clubs with complete membership management, including management of functions, committees or other distributors. Flexible structures make almost any membership contribution scheme possible in the standard model, so that membership contribution collection via direct debit scheme and electronic account statement can be mapped. In addition, the system also supports the managing of association divisions, member awards, newspaper handling and mainly via eVEWA online processes such as member portals.

Membership Management

GRÜN VEWA7 offers clubs and associations, labor unions, chambers and guilds as well as other membership organizations a professional solution to represent virtually all processes in the area of membership management from within one single system.

In general, any type of membership can be managed, whether it be active or passive members, sponsors, cooperative members, family memberships, etc.

Address management assists your organization with the management of your member data. This includes, for example, plausibility checks in address acquisition, an innovative concept when dealing with duplicates and the use of the CRM Module contained in GRÜN VEWA7 for collecting all communications pertaining to the member. In GRÜN VEWA7 you can freely define any and all relationships, for example, between family members or also between organizations and their officials and/or employees.

If desired, the calculation of member fees allows for both maximum and minimum limits to be taken into account and in the case of complex membership contribution rules automatically determines the contribution amount for every member based on, for example, a status, a reported payroll or, in the case of a legal entity, based on the number of employees a company has.

Assigning a contribution to a particular member is performed quite easily and can be archived, such that the contribution history of a member is readily available at any time. Changes made to contributions, for example, in the course of increases made over the phone or of a fundamental change in the Rules of Contribution – can be effected at the touch of a button for all relevant members.

GRÜN VEWA7 offers features for automatic periodic calculations of the member contribution, including debit position and accounting. Depending on the method of payment, contribution invoices can be printed and mailed out or the electronic direct debit of member contributions is performed.

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