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Profile GRÜN Software AG

GRÜN Software AG is a group of companies with more than 100 employees and offers software for different business sectors, outsourcing and agency services.

Our mission is to produce efficient and specialized standard software solutions which we make available to various sectors and special segments. This includes membership and charitable organizations, training and education service providers and solutions for time management and warehouse logistics. Our specialist experience has spanned over decades for each of our target groups. Specialists, rather than generalists, are needed in the IT industry.

GRÜN Software AG

The GRÜN Group consists of several associated companies and areas of operation which are structured with respect to their areas of expertise.

With branch offices in Aachen, Berlin, Bremen, Vienna and Bratislava, we have been a permanent partner for more than 25 years in a dynamic market. Being a medium-sized software manufacturer with around 100 employees, we offer numerous unique features, from a guaranteed pricing policy, investment protection, to market-leading business solutions.

Our service spectrum is further enhanced by rendering services in the areas of outsourcing, consulting, advertising and digital media.

Comprehensive Special and Industry Solutions with GRÜN Standard Software

In our GRÜN Software Services division we develop comprehensive special and industry solutions. The GRÜN VEWA6 software family is the market leader in Germany for membership and charitable organizations, and is also available as a solution for event organizers. The integration of Windows and Internet clients and features such as Address Management, Accounting and Content Management make our solution unique.

With our GRÜN ZICOM software we offer software and complete solutions for time management.

GRÜN MFplus enables us to have SAP solutions and integration know-how in SAP environments at our command.

Our professional Software Services comprising software consultation, project management and support will assist you in the introduction and operation of our software solutions.

Consulting, Outsourcing, Agency

As a consulting service of GRÜN Consulting Services we offer organizational and IT consulting. GRÜN Business Services offers outsourcing services such as software hosting and Internet solutions. Business process outsourcing services, that is, the outsourcing of administrative processes, make us a full-service partner. Our digital agency giftGRÜN GmbH offers creative solutions in the areas of web design and digital marketing.

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