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Fundraising Software

Fundraising Software

Software from the market leader
for charitable organizations.

Fundraising Software from the Market Leader

GRÜN VEWA7 for Charitable Organizations: With your organization you are pursuing the mission of making the world a little bit better. To this aim the effectiveness of your fundraising activities and of project work plays an increasingly important role. This is exactly where you find comprehensive support – from the market leader in fundraising software, GRÜN VEWA7. Let us work together to achieve your goals.

In the software’s Campaign Management, screening is used according to donor classifications, scoring values or relationship management for purposeful addressing. Donor management with free address structure and expandable online donor portal via GRÜN eVEWA fulfills every wish. Your donors can update their addresses themselves and receive individual feedback concerning their project. Incoming donations – online as well as via electronic account statement or direct debiting – are automatically registered; Business Intelligence, RFM, Pareto or Lifetime Value analyses enable comprehensive evaluation. Functionality for legacies, fines and endowments top off the software’s capabilities.

Campaign Management – Integrated from Planning Stage up to Analysis

GRÜN VEWA7 gives you optimal support with the planning and execution of your campaigns and fundraising. In this way you can plan your actions – `warm´ and `cold´ mailings, online campaigns, booth or telephone advertising etc. – using a multi-stage procedure and link them to the group of recipients of your mailing at the touch of a button.

When assigning address pools to a mailing, target and actual values can be taken into consideration – you simply control the success of your measures. GRÜN VEWA7 assists you in attaining the optimum result. To ascertain potential donor pools, you use the integrated screening features of GRÜN VEWA7 with many new and innovative features and functions: Easily include geographical components when planning your mailing and implement the new additional Geomarketing Module. Easily visualize your result in the form of “maps” – at the touch of a button within the GRÜN VEWA7 software.

In addition to the classic processes in fundraising, use the additional Fines Module for the industry software to support every conceivable process in this sector, too, including the administration of the courts, the penitent himself and the relevant persons involved in the court proceedings (contact person in the court, attorneys, etc.). Payment of fines itself can be a one-time affair or even follow an individually-arranged payment plan. Maintain your overview – the entire data situation including correspondence (letters of invitation, dunning the penitent or the court, etc.) is automated from within the GRÜN VEWA7 software and is at your disposal anytime.

Our fundraising solution also supports processes in inheritance management (legacies), endowments, and managing collections and donations to a cause.

Donor Management

Your donors can be managed in GRÜN VEWA7 containing complete information. There are no limitations due to the flexibility of the system.

In GRÜN VEWA7 you can map the relationship network of your donors: whether family, employee, official or VIP. You constantly have all relationships in view. All information and key figures are immediately at your disposal when monitoring an individual donor. GRÜN VEWA7 gives you the answers to your questions and optimally supports you in the creation of donor pools. Features relating to address enrichment (for example via Klick-Tel integration) and address quality enhancement with reference data records, and an innovative concept for dealing with duplicates round off the software’s capabilities in the area of address and donor management.

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